Introducing: Alec Bailey

It’s with great pleasure I introduce TOROZ’s third regular writer, Alec Bailey. From Oklahama in the USA, Alec will be primarily doing news reports. Here’s a snaphot of Alec:

Alec has been a gamer for more than 16 years starting with a NES and a Gameboy. Being a huge RPG fan, which most likely comes from his first real addiction: Pokemon, Red version. Alec has played every game Bioware, Obsidian, and Bethesda have made and beat Mass Effect, Mass effect 2, and Dragon Age at least 10 times. He also enjoys gunning down helpless noobs at FPS games such as Black Ops and Killzone.

Alec has been a Star Wars fan since the first time he saw A New Hope at the age of 8. He has played almost every single Star Wars game and read a modest amount of the EU (mostly comics). He is also proud to be a geek and loves everything that comes with being one, such as the endless amount of useless knowledge he has obtained.

Alec has also played nearly every MMO from EQ to FFXIV but, is proud to say that out of all the MMOs he’s been addicted to, World of Warcraft was not one of them. Alec’s play style is usually main or off tanking. He loves helping out new players with quests and helping them get a grip on the game. He will be rolling a Trooper Vanguard as well as a Jedi Guardian.

Alec is a self proclaimed Playstation fanboy. Any like-minded individuals are invited to send their Playstation friend invite to Emo_Slayer. Alec is enrolling in college in February. He is majoring in Game Design.

Again, a big welcome. Alec’s first story on flashpoints will be up later today.