Flash Point 134: Double Entendre Hell Show

It’s an Easter-driven gabfest, with talk on everything from games to movies and the usual immature discussion in-between. Warning: contains immature discussion of genitalia.

– The Captain and Tenille to get you in the mood (link)
– What we’re playing
– PS Plus no longer on PS3
– ESA meeting with President Trump (link)
– Division 2 Announced and will be at E3 (Discuss? Games as a platform)
– Next WoW expansion (link)
– EA announce all heroes unlocked and streamlined progression in Battlefront 2. Too little to late.
– CD Projekt Red to announce Cyberpunk at E3?
– Smash Bros for the Switch announced (also Mario Tennis and Luigis Mansion remaster)
– Secret World Legends goes to South Africa
– Ready Player One review
– Bill and Ted 3? (link)

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