Flash Point 127: Bejeweled Booties

What other podcast covers topics as broad as Minidisc Walkmans and customising your wang size as a Conan avatar? We even talk seriously about some gaming topics – what more could you want?

Talking Points
– What we’ve been playing
– GamesCon – any predictions? No?! NEXT!
– Xbox One X Scorpio Edition leak
– Crackdown 3 delayed till Spring 2018 – will this thing get cancelled?
– Shadow Of War Microtransactions
– Destiny 2 Poptarts and Rockstar Energy drinks promotion
– Next Gamer TV show.
– Agents of Mayhem – who’s buying it?
– Sea of Thieves
– Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
– PlayStation 5.0 update announced
– Farpoint and the Aim controller
– The Dark Tower: A scathing review to add to the thousands of others
– Defenders Season 1 (no spoilers)
– Game of Thrones (no spoilers)

– Gaming challenge update
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