Flash Point 112: This Episode Is Foran Unsafe

flashpoint-podcast-300x300 copyWe’re unsure whether the United Nations could cover areas as diverse as we do on this episode!

Talking Points
– What we’re playing
– Doom mini-review (PS4)
– Overwatch Beta had 9.7 million players. New world record?
– Nintendo NX and Zelda pushed to 2017
– Simon buys Star Wars Battlefront
– Star Wars Battlefront Sequel confirmed for 2017
– WoW: Legion launch at end of August
– Disney shuts down publishing division. Avalanche closes its doors Disney Infinity effectively canceled
– Microsoft Closes Lionhead studios. Fable Legends canceled but Fable IP will live on somewhere
– Troubled MOBA Gigantic gets saved by partnership with Perfect World
– Perfect World bringing STO to XB and PS4 this spring
– Captain America Civil War: review

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