Flash Point 93: Flagellating In Deviant Ways

flashpoint-podcastWe’re in an opinionated mood this episode as we range across a wide number of topics and provide a teaser about a new podcast project!

Points of discussion:

Invitation to give feedback on a proposed new podcast project (email us, tweet us, throw a comment on Facebook for us)

1. MMO News

SWTOR: Simon’s experience with solo instances, Darth Marr spotlight (link), Game Update 3.1 (link), PvP win trading, upcoming Community Cantinas

My Lore Is Stuck In Your Canon: Galactic Crime!


2. General Gaming News

– Joystiq and Massively get killed off.

– IGN and Machinima lose some key talent

– PTS for TESO

3. Pop Culture

Movies: Interstellar

Other: DC Comics wraps up its New 52 approach, Marvel’s new all-woman team A-Force, Star Wars #1 mini-review

4. Tech Roundup
– Hotline Miami refused classification in Australia.

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Flash Point: Gaming Podcast

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