Flash Point 91: Dirty Little Wookiee Ookies Ho Ho Ho!

flashpoint-podcastIt’s our pre-Christmas edition prior to a month break, so we pack in quite a bit this episode.

Points of discussion:

1. MMO News

SWTOR: Third Anniversary celebrations (link), 3.0.1 bug fixes

Others: Warlords of Draenor

My Lore Is Stuck In Your Canon: Life Day

Recipe for Wookiee Ookies (link)

2. General Gaming News

– Dawn of the PC Console? (link)

– Windows 10 and Xbox One integration (link)

– Destiny players banned (link) and solo effort at new raid content (link)

– Assassin’s Creed patch coming (link and FAQ link)

– Call of Duty sales down 27% year on year (link)

– Top 10 games of 2014

– Playstation Plus: worth it? (link)

3. Pop Culture

Film: Star Wars Episode 7 – the ball droid isn’t CGI! (link), Marvel to get Spiderman back into its cinematic universe? (link)

TV: Agents of SHIELD mid-season finale (link)

Other: Penny Arcade Destiny web-comic (link)

4. Tech Roundup
– Oculus buys VR company (link)

– The Goliath project (link)

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