Flash Point 90: Wicket on Stilts Versus Porkins

flashpoint-podcastIn our second-last episode for 2014, we dig into a bunch of MMO news and a healthy dose of Star Wars Ep 7 to boot.

Points of discussion:

1. MMO News

SWTOR: Shadows of Revan (limited) impressions, Ten Ton Hammer’s impressions (links), Joystiq’s impressions (link), DDOS attack (link)

Others: Star Citizen exceeds yet another stretch funding goal (link), Warlords of Drainer (link to buy a pet for Ebola charity – link to the ABC article on WoW’s 10th anniversary)

My Lore Is Stuck In Your Canon: back next episode!

2. General Gaming News

– GTA V withdrawal from K-Mart and Target shelves (link) and the backlash (link)

3. Pop Culture

Film: The Force Awakens Trailer discussion (link to Kevin Smith vid mentioned)

Other: Netflix hits Australia in 2015 – will it suck like Canada’s version? (link)

4. Tech Roundup
– Apple Watch SDK released (link)

– will.i.am’s gadgets (link)

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