PS4 2.0 Firmware Update Hits

By the time you’re all reading this chances are the update will be live and in play. And hopefully you got your share play in order.

So let’s quickly look over the update.

Share play – Awesome. Believe it or not this is what Microsoft was trying to accomplish with whole DRM saga last year. Streaming games isn’t new, you can already stream your PS4 to Vita, but the fact that you can ring up your mate and say jump on my Assassins Creed for some co-op with me sounds like an absolute boon for the console.

Themes – Something that Xbox360 users will be used to. I haven’t looked in depth at this but apparently besides changing colours (the Xbox One can already do that) you can also have wallpapers (the Xbone can’t do that as far as I am aware). Nothing terribly exciting there.

Music – Why wasn’t this in at launch? Apparently playing from a CD is still out of the question.

YouTube – Uploading directly to YouTube from the Share Factory is a great idea. Now if you could just hit the share button without the console going to another screen for a quick record/screenshot feature I would be chuffed. I’m sick of getting killed while trying to save a video.

Other than the above there isn’t much to be interested in. Hopefully there won’t be any downtime on the PSN so you can all get back to gaming quickly.