Flash Point 87: We Forgot Joe’s Name Edition

flashpoint-podcastWe get excited about Shadows of Revan and provide lots of semi-informed filler – what else could you want?

Points of discussion:

1. MMO News

SWTOR: Shadows of Revan (link), Disciplines (link), Class quest lines.

Others: WoW, Destiny (check out Ben McJannet’s ongoing Destiny coverage for our website)

My Lore Is Stuck In Your Canon: Yavin 4

2. General Gaming News

– Star Citizen – the 890 Jump (link)

3. Pop Culture

TV: The Walking Dead Returns

4. Tech Roundup
– Windows 10

– New Oculus prototype – Crescent Bay (link)

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  1. Ben McJannett says

    I’m in on the race to 60. I suck at alts so doubt i”l even get any of them to 55 before the expansion drops