ESO Layoffs And Its Future Console Release

esoAs reported this morning at IGN, Elder Scrolls Online studio Zenimax has been hit with layoffs.  As stated in the article, this is pretty much normal practice once a game has been launched into the wild and found its footing. Although strangely I would have thought that Betheseda would have tried to hang on to these staff members for the inevitable console launch, whenever that may be.

Given that the console version has already been delayed and no future release date seems to be on the horizon, it makes me wonder if things aren’t going as smooth as originally planned. And that’s saying a lot when you remember the big E3 presentation the game got in 2013 and the response it received at the time – it looked like this was one of the most anticipated games of the new generation of consoles. I remember watching the CG trailer with my housemate at the time, with both of us going Ooh and Aah at the same time, as we both enjoyed Skyrim in the past. But now after playing the PC version (looks gorgeous on PC too by the way), and not really enjoying the feel of the game, I thought to myself that maybe it will be feel more natural to me on a console? That was back in April. Now 4 months later after hearing about the delay and not much else, I’m wondering is anybody still interested in having this on console?  I had actually forgotten this was going to be on the console –  it had been that quiet.

So I ask you dear reader… are you still interested in ESO on console or like me had you forgotten about it after the lacklustre reception the PC version received and the long delay with no release in sight?