Flash Point 82: The Dead Air Tribute Edition

flashpoint-podcastEpisode 82 sees us allegedly get into the groove of our revamped format. We cover quite a bit of ground on a bunch of topics from Firefall to Weird Al Yankovic.

Points of discussion:

1. MMO News

SWTOR: Live stream tour of strongholds (link), Legacy Storage and BOP items (link), David’s subscription close call (and a tangent to the infamous Comcast call)

Others: Firefall out of beta and into early access (link)

Interlude: Your Lore Is Stuck In My Canon: Manaan

2. General Gaming News
–  Destiny beta has started (link), Zombie U sucks the big one, Watchdogs and Mario Kart 8 biggest June sellers (link), PS4 outselling Xbox One (link)

3. Pop Culture

Film: Guardians of the Galaxy

Comics: Captain America costume to be worn by Sam Wilson (The Falcon) and Thor is now a woman (link).

Music: Weird Al Yankovic’s 8 vids in 8 days (link).

4. Tech Roundup
– Microsoft lays off 18000 staff (link)
– 3D Metal printing (link)

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