Flash Point 81: More Arse In Your Gravy

flashpoint-podcastThis episode sees us unveil the new show format… which isn’t a lot different to the old format but we do have some new audio tags and some more formalised segments. So that’s something right?

Points of discussion:

1. MMO News

SWTOR: new Community Coordinator, video of Tatooine homestead (link), developer update on Strongholds (link), Double XP weekend, Bounty Contract Week going live on 8th July, Club Vertica Nightlife pack (link).

The Secret World: TSW’s second anniversary (link)

Others: World of Tanks launches on mobile devices (iOS and Android), getting thrashed in Hearthstone.

2. General Gaming News
– Are the PC Master Race the Next-Gen consoles’ bitches? (link)
– Xbox Cloud – more than just arse gravy?
– Mario Kart 8

3. Pop Culture

TV: Orange is The New Black, Dominion, Game of Thrones Exhibition in Sydney

Film: Harrison Ford injures himself on the set of Star Wars Episode VII (link)

4. Tech Roundup
– Leap Motion v 2.0 (link)
– Google i/o roundup and Google Cardboard (link)

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