Flash Point 80: A Change Of Destinies

flashpoint-podcastThis episode we do a little bit of introspection on the future of the podcast, before jumping into the usual swamp of MMO news.

Points of discussion:

– The future of the podcast
– Game Update 2.8
– E3 Cantina flash drive files (link)
– Star Wars Battlefront trailer (link)

Jawa Junk Pile
– Marvel Heroes 2015 (link)
– Defiance goes F2P (link)
– Destiny Alpha
– Nintendo surprises at E3
– Next generation of consoles slated for 2018/19?
– No Man’s Sky (link)
– Star Wars Xmas Special review by the Nostalgia Critic (link)
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  1. Benjamin Andrew McJannett says

    Great show look forward to the new format. Interested to see what guests/co-host you guys are gonna have. If you are still looking for anyone else to contribute I’d be happy to help out as well. Also bring back some ed some time.

    • Thanks Ben! All points noted and have dropped Ed a line to see what he’s up to – he’s always welcome back 😉