Flash Point 79: The Pile Of Shame

flashpoint-podcastThis episode we bid farewell to Kris and talk everything from SWTOR to Mario Kart.

Points of discussion:

– Kris’ departure from podcast (you’ll be missed Kris!)
– Future of the podcast more broadly – we need your input! (via Twitter or Email)

Summer of SWTOR update
– Larry Everett’s tips on beating the gambling system in SWTOR 2.8 if you’re playing it on PTS (link)
– Reddit thread touting the future of SWTOR and ‘SWTOR 2 – (link)

Jawa Junk Pile
– Win a chance to be in Star Wars Episode 7 (link)
– Hearthstone
– Mario Kart 8
– WildStar early access
– Simon’s shopping expedition and bargain game score
– Shout outs for our Facebook page, Twitter account, Simon’s Twitter account, Kris’s Twitter account and ODS-1’s Twitter Account. – And don’t forget to buy an Oceanic Gamer T-Shirt or thirty!

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  1. Enjoy the break. Going to miss the only Aussie podcast i listen too. Hopefully you will come back soon. Cheers

    • Thanks Daz! Really appreciate your support and we’re looking forward to coming back refreshed. We may do exactly what we’ve done – never rule out that 😉