Starcraft 2 South East Asia Region: Casual Player Graveyard?

I’m getting a little frustrated with my Starcraft playing experience. I’ve been playing on the South East Asia the past couple of years, and have noticed it’s harder and harder to get a ranked match or versus AI game via the Matchmaking option. Then, over the past three months, I’ve been unable to get a single match pop for me.

I initially didn’t think much of it and got into custom games versus AI, but in my SC2 achievement hunt I’ve been trying to play more ranked or unranked matches. I’ve tried different times, different days, all with the same result:

StarCraft_II 2


A couple of times I’ve left matchmaking running and gotten involved in doing something else, come back to my computer and seen search times of 100 minutes plus. Sure, I’m not in a clan, but surely it’s not that unusual for a casual player to be after some games via the Matchmaking interface? I looked at transferring regions, but all progress and achieves are lost.

Would love SEA region players to comment: why the lack of activity?


  1. Most SEA players play on KR because the latency isn’t too bad and it’s an avenue to the highest levels of play.

    Sadly, you are quite the minority if you care about the achievements. Personally I enjoyed a refreshed account, getting achievements back as I played.

    • Yeah might have to take that route πŸ™ It just annoys me that Blizzard are quite capable of having game-wide achievements in WoW but not SC2.

  2. Woah. I play sea normally and find someone within 1-2 minutes every single time. What time do you que? 0.0

  3. FapCaptain says

    Unfortunately no one plays SEA anymore, everyone is on NA or KR since we get pretty much the same ping and they are populated. Good luck πŸ™‚

  4. DUCKVILLE says

    This is the most extreme case I’ve ever heard of, not to mention a ridiculously extreme title.

    What time are you queuing at? 5am AEST? You’ll find that yes, between about 1-2am and 10am AEST time, you’ll take a damn long time to find a game. During standard hours though it should never be that long. Although I’d assume that the “VS ai” queue *on any server* will be quite… lengthy. I don’t think I’ve ever really heard of anyone playing in the VS ai queue.

    What rank are you? If you’re somewhere above masters/Grand Masters then yeah, you’ll get a huge delay in time because no SEA player at a masters+ level of gameplay would be willing to wait 5-10 minutes for a game. I’m assuming from your mentioning of “VS ai” you may be lower down in silver/bronze and thus I *think* that you may also have trouble too; but overall anything below masters is fine to queue. Just understand that because of the lower population in the first place, and THEN because of the lower amount of active players (because everyone is on NA/KR), queue times are naturally longer.

    I also noticed in the screenshot you’re queuing 3v3s – just a word of note: 2v2/4v4 is the most-played team game from what I understand. Though if you’re adamant about playing 3v3/any team games/reaching the achievements – you’ll basically *have* to queue on weekends at an appropriate time if you’re playing SEA. Alternatively, jump on NA and you’ll get 1v1s very quickly; KR not very quickly for team games but 1v1s will also be quick. Additionally another idea is to jump on and ask someone in the community to help out πŸ™‚

  5. Because SEA is dead. Everybody now plays NA. No point even playing on the SEA server, the SEA community is an elitist club of douchebags that put down and degrade anybody who tries to become apart of the community. An accurate analogy would be a fraternity that doesn’t let new members in. The only members are the arseholes who signed up on day one.