SWTOR 2.7.1 Full Patch Notes


2.7.1 Patch Notes


Season Two has opened for combatants! Giradda the Hutt summons you to join the Ranked Warzone Arena queue and compete for glorious rewards (to be announced later). Ratings have been reset for this occasion and, in the mighty words of Baron Deathmark, “Get in there and go berserk!”

The Ranked Warzone Arena Leaderboards have been updated for Season Two! Season One has been archived and is still able to be viewed.

 Ranked Warzone Arena Daily and Weekly Missions are now available from the PvP Mission Terminal. These quests offer increased Credit and Ranked Commendation rewards. Pick them up today and honor Giradda the Hutt!

From May 2nd at 18:00 GMT until May 5th at 07:00 GMT, gain twice the experience while fighting for the Sith Empire or the Galactic Republic!
Bounty Contract Week is back! 

Cartel Market

  • The Cavern Varactyl creature mount is now available in the Cartel Market! Cost: 2400 Cartel Coins.
  • The Exterminator’s Armor Set is now available for preview in Collections.
  • The Humble Hero Armor Set is now available for preview in Collections.
  • The Corsec Electrobaton is now available in Collections.
  • Pieces of Mira’s Armor Set are no longer invisible when worn.
  • The tooltip for the Deep Red/Deep Yellow Dye Module now correctly identifies its colors.
  • The Cartel Market version of “Title: Conscript” can now be sold on the Galactic Trade Network. The version of this title granted as an in-game Mail reward remains untradeable on the GTN.
  • Corrected a typo in the description of the Deep Pink/White Dye Module which indicated the primary color was Deep Purple.
  • The Marka Ragnos Armor Set now unlocks in Collections if pieces were purchased from the Interplanetary Component Exchange (I.C.E.) vendor.
  • The Collections interface now navigates correctly when clicking into another category if you are above Page 10 on your current category.


  • Addressed an issue that could cause a crash in certain Flashpoints, such as Esseles, Black Talon, Boarding Party, and The Foundry.
  • The Bolsterizer has been added to the training area of the Ziost Shadow (Imperial Fleet) and the Gav Daragon (Republic Fleet). Using this console bolsters the character as if he or she had entered a Warzone.
  • Increased the rendering quality of Lightsabers in the Preview Window.
  • The Taxis on Coruscant no longer flicker while in flight.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in permanent disconnection from the chat server.
  • Quick Ground Target Activation of Ground Target Area of Effect abilities no longer results in improper character animations when using the ability on your character.
  • Added a background image to the Nightmare Dread Fortress and Nightmare Dread Palace Achievement pages.
  • The “Species: Gran” Codex Entry can now be obtained by Imperial players on Balmorra.
  • The Codex Entry “The Red Engine” is now correctly restricted to Sith Inquisitor and Sith Warrior.
  • Corrected an issue where the Cormium Crystal Shard, commonly known as the “blue museum crystal,” could not be picked up by players, rendering the +10 Datacron on the Imperial and Republic fleets impossible to attain.
  • The ears on Male Twi’lek Body Types 2, 3, and 4 are now visibly humanoid and no longer appear smooth.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • The French and German voiceovers in Assault on Tython and Korriban Incursion are now better timed with conversation animations.
  • The Achievement for defeating the Cartel Warlords in Scum and Villainy now grants after finishing the encounter instead of on each individual boss.
  • Fixed an issue where the Reprogrammed Heavy Turrets were not spawning for Republic players in the Starship Assembly scenario of Kuat Drive Yards.
  • The elevator after the Lord Renning/Master Riilna encounter in the Korriban Incursion Flashpoint now has appropriate collision.
  • Dread Guard Bulwarks now deal the correct amount of damage in 16-Player Nightmare Dread Fortress.
  • Dreadmaster Tyrans no longer places Marked for Death on players affected by Simplification in the Story and Hard Modes of Dread Palace.
  • On the Mission step “Speak with Sergeant Tarsten” in Korriban Incursion, the map note now correctly displays Sergeant Tarsten.
  • Missing and incorrect Mission Log entries in the Korriban Incursion Flashpoint have been updated and corrected.
  • Missing and incorrect Mission Log entries in the Assault on Tython Flashpoint have been updated and corrected.
  • Major Imos and Major Travik in the Assault on Tython Flashpoint now correctly reset if pulled too far off of the main platform.
  • Dread Master Brontes now properly destroys any Energy Spheres spawned while using the ability Supremacy.
  • Increased the range and rate at which the Hands of Brontes apply their shield in the final phase of the Dread Master Brontes encounter in Dread Fortress.
  • Changed the name of two of the versions of Mass Affliction that the Dread Guard Corrupters in 16-Player Nightmare Mode Dread Fortress cast to more clearly show it is three separate abilities being cast: Mass Affliction, Total Affliction, and Absolute Affliction.

Items + Economy

  • Fixed an issue that would cause certain pieces of gear (such as the Dancer gear sets) to cause texture issues on the character wearing the item.
  • Rakghoul DNA Canisters are now Bound to Legacy.
  • Gray Helix Components are now Bound to Legacy.
  • Completed Bounty Contracts can now be traded on the Galactic Trade Network.
  • Reputation rewards from the Bounty Broker’s Association are now purchased exclusively with Completed Bounty Contracts instead of Credits.
  • Recovered Relics can now be traded on the Galactic Trade Network.
  • The THORN Sanitization Chestguard and the THORN Containment Chestguard now render the Cathar female Body Type 2 correctly when equipped.
  • The Fearless Retaliator’s Saberstaff, Unconquered Defender’s Saberstaff, and Indomitable Vanquisher’s Saberstaff can now only be equipped in the Main Hand slot as intended.
  • The knockoff protection offered by the Lucky-77 Swoop has been improved.
  • A Dye Module Slot has been added to the Ancient Infernal Boots.

Missions + NPCs

  • Addressed an issue where the Security Network Terminal could get stuck in an unusable state during the Mission “Watchtower Watchers” on Oricon.
  • Talking with Lana in the Fleet cantina during the Mission “Forged Alliances: Part I” can now only be done while ungrouped, as was originally intended.
  • The Voss enemies Boss Zraska and Ancient Sith Dreadnaught now respawn appropriately.
  • The Rakghoul World Boss “Rakghoul Overlord” now respawns on the Republic world of Taris as intended.
  • Achievements now correctly reference the name of the Assault on Tython and Korriban Incursion story Mission “Forged Alliances: Part I.”
  • The access missions for Kuat Drive Yards, Korriban Incursion and Assault of Tython can now be shared from your Mission Tracker.
  • Fixed a bug where a Mission giver was playing the wrong conversation.
  • Treek no longer disappears into or appears from the ground in Smuggler cinematics.
  • The final conversation with Lana Beniko on the Mission “Forged Alliances: Part I” (Imperial) can no longer be triggered early.
  • Fixed a bug where players were able to start the conversation with Colonel Darok multiple times after completing it on the Mission “Forged Alliances Part I” (Republic).
  • Players with Treek, HK-51 or C2-N2 are now able to select Option 1 to complete the conversation with Tavus in the Trooper Class Mission “The Shadow Fist.”


  • Warzone Mission Turn-in Terminals have been added to every Warzone and Warzone Arena.
  • Warzone Queue percentages have been reverted to their original states, with all game modes having an equal chance to occur. Original Huttball and Quesh Huttball Pit share a percentage chance.
  • Adjusted the matchmaking logic of the Ranked Warzone Arena Queue to reduce the frequency of matching teams together with large gaps in average Rating when there are potentially better matches available.
  • The Warzone Scoreboard now highlights teammates as intended.
  • Expanded the acid cloud at the end of the Corellia Arena to cover more areas of the map. The damage now also aligns more properly with the animation.
  • The Lower Acid Pits in the Quesh Huttball Pit are now more accurate with their damage.
  • Players underneath the floor below an Acid Pipe are no longer hit with acid in the Quesh Huttball Pit.
  • Reworked the Grapple animation in Quesh Huttball Pit.
  • Added collision to the Acid Pipes in Quesh Huttball Pit.
  • The Western Terminal in Novare Coast now shows the appropriate team color while it is being captured.


  • Corrected numerous graphical issues with shadows and shadow rendering across the galaxy.
  • The “R” key is now bound to “Chat Reply” by default.