Flash Point 75: Dodgem Cars on Tatooine

flashpoint-podcastWe’re all agog about setting up shack in SWTOR, plus we gabble on about TESO, Diablo and a whole lot more. And it all happens amongst a tsunami of internet issues.

Points of discussion:

– 2.7: Invasion game update
– Double XP weekend starting April 11th
– Galactic Strongholds expansion
– The Asteroid ship option for Galactic Starfighter
– David’s datacron balloon ride on Tatooine
My Lore Is Stuck In Your Cannon: Human History
– last week’s super special sale (and lack of promotion of same)

Jawa Junk Pile
– The Elder Scrolls Online
– Diablo Reaper of Souls
– Star Citizen breaks 41 million dollar milestone
– EVE online breaking news!

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