Flash Point 73: Jugs, Pubes and Wormholes

flashpoint-podcastWe’re a bit excited this week with not one but TWO emails with some great MMO debating points.And don’t be put off by the podcast title – it’s not what you think!

Points of discussion:

– 2.7
– Lucky 77 speeder: lamest vehicle ever?
– The shitty macro binocular final quest
– Death of the Smash Monkey

Jawa Junk Pile
– Discussion about the Free to Play MMO market rankings
– EVE Online update from Kristy
– Emails from Shawn and Timo on TESO – thanks to you both!
– TV recommendations
– Shout outs for our Facebook page, Twitter account, Simon’s Twitter account, Kristy’s Twitter account and ODS-1’s Twitter Account. – And don’t forget to buy an Oceanic Gamer T-Shirt or thirty!

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