Flash Point 68: Big Kev And His Fat Arsed Owls

flashpoint-podcastIt’s a new content extravaganza in MMO-land at the moment, so we devoted some time to SWTOR, WoW, TSW and Marvel Heroes to name four.

Points of discussion:

– Double XP week – link
– In-game cartel coin purchases now live
– Community Cantina – Austin
– EA wins a Shonky Award
– Tangential PS4 / Xbox One discussion
My Lore Is Stuck In Your Canon: The Galactic Republic

– WoW: Warlords of Draenor discussion
– Project Titan shelved
– World of Warcraft Movie premise
– Wow not going F2P ‘anytime soon’
– Heroes of the Storm beta
– Hearthstone beta
– Diablo 3 expansion – Reaper of Souls
– Marvel Heroes 2.0 Update

Jawa Junk Pile

– Build your own Death Star – link
– Star Wars Episode VII release date and keeping to the ‘dirty aesthetic’

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  1. All this WoW talk is getting me thinking about finding my old key gen dongle and getting back in… and then I remember I’ve been WoW clean for over three years.
    This Garison thing feels a lot like the companion system in SWTOR although without a native,yet, and I see a profesion or even Garrison App in the future.