Flash Point 67: Pink Murloc Daleks

flashpoint-podcastIt’s brilliant to have OotiniCast‘s Teo with us this episode, and we cover quite a bit of ground.

Points of discussion:

– Toon names being released back into the pool
– Bounty Contract Week
– return of the Rakghoul plague?
– PvP rankings delayed until November
– gaining affection when going Dark-Side
– Double XP event starting November 27th
My Lore Is Stuck In Your Canon: The Sith Empire

– Guild Wars 2: Kristy hits cap, WvWW Season 1, Tower of Nightmare, achievement shard, popularity of game
– The Secret World: Halloween event, 1.8 update, TSW in the IRL movie (trailer here)
– Marvel Heroes and Squirrel Girl
– Rift: squirrel mounts

Jawa Junk Pile

– The Walking Dead Season 4
– Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
– The Tomorrow People
– Dr Who
– Ship mods in SWTOR
– Hearthstone – Heroes of Warcraft
– Blizzcon
– Destiny beta
– Shout out for the Escape Pod SWTOR podcast
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  1. […] Thanks to David, Simon and Kristy for allowing Teo to join them on The Oceanic Gamer’s Flash Point podcast for episode 67, “Pink Murloc Daleks”. […]