Flash Point 66: Asteroid Pizza

flashpoint-podcastWe’re just a little bit excited about the announced Galactic Starfighter expansion for SWTOR, but we get through plenty of other stuff as well this episode.

Points of discussion:

– Galactic Starfighter expansion
– Dread Masters content
My Lore Is Stuck In Your Canon: The Infinite Empire

– Kristy re-visits Guild Wars 2

Jawa Junk Pile

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– Agents of SHIELD renewed to make a full season

– Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

– Star Wars Episode 7 casting announcement rumour

– Summertime Blues (link – and yes I said Joe Strummer when I should have said Brian Setzer)

– Pseudo Echo (warning: 1980s hair styles)

Yogventures – as mentioned by Simon in his opening comments.

The Fall of Lucas Arts and ow EA may not be all evil

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