SWTOR 2.3.3: Full Patch Notes


Apologies for the delay, we’ve been travelling and missed the opportunity to put up the 2.3.3. patch notes when they went live. Anyway, here they are now for those that haven’t checked them out.


Game Update 2.3.3 Patch Notes


  • Players can now use mounts and vehicles inside all Republic and Imperial bases on Hoth.
  • Varactyl voices no longer carry such that their volume is the same regardless of their distance.

Cartel Market

New Items

      • The new Bounty Pack, the Pursuer’s Bounty Pack items can now be previewed in Collections.
      • The Pursuer’s Bounty Pack will be available in the Cartel Market on September 26th. Cost: 320 Cartel Coins
      • Players can purchase Hypercrates containing 24 Pursuer’s Bounty Packs on September 26th. (Discounted by 10% for a limited time!) Cost: 6,912 Cartel Coins

Bug Fixes

    • The icon for the Contractor’s Bounty Pack no longer displays the Morlinger Aggressor as it is not included; the Meirm Bullfrog is now displayed instead.


  • Shipment 3 Bounty Packs now update to Collections as intended.
  • Account unlocks now function as intended for Emote: Sing and Emote: Possessed.
  • The CorSec Electrobaton has been removed from the Collections Window to be included again when the weapon is added.

Companion Characters

  • Treek no longer has incorrect animation in several Class mission cinematics.

Flashpoints and Operations

Explosive Conflict

    • Removed or relocated several enemy encounters to improve player experience.

Macrobinoculars and Seeker Droid

  • Galactic Solutions Industries has performed a code upgrade on the Seeker Droid to improve its seeking abilities with the following features:
    • Improved sorting algorithm to disregard junk items and leave them buried in the ground.
    • Crafting database update to only provide useful crafting materials from Secure Crates.
    • Improved digging algorithm to unearth new Special Treasures.
  • Triangulation Enhancers for the Seeker Droid have been improved through advanced GSI research, and the Mark I and Mark II Enhancers now last for 30 minutes.

Items and Economy

  • The Galactic Trade Network has had an inventory audit and now accepts GSI Speeder parts. (The Pleasure Speeder Visual Amplification Device remains exclusively in GSI’s control.)
  • The CD-33 Blaster Rifle now displays the proper animation when fired.
  • Updated the Preceptor’s Vestments to prevent graphical distortion on the back side.
  • Mira’s Headband no longer becomes graphically distorted when riding a mount/vehicle or when dead.
  • Darth Sion’s Chestpiece now sits properly on top of the shoulder rather than seeming to cut through during movement.
  • The Dynamic Vandal Duster and Voltaic Vandal Duster gear no longer display incorrectly when equipped by some female characters and Companions.



    • Weak and Standard enemies now count properly towards the following Coruscant Achievements to defeat Black Sun members:
      • Bloody the Black Suns
      • Beating the Black Suns
      • Black Suns Asunder
      • Black Supernova
      • Made several text corrections to Achievement descriptions.

Missions and NPCs

General Missions

      • The Fate of Theoretika (Imperial): While completing [HEROIC 2+] Directive: Activate Assassination Protocols, players who are not the phase owner will no longer see “Not eligible for this conversation” when attempting to collect the Datalogs required to complete this bonus mission.

Class Missions

Bounty Hunter
        • A Dangerous Auction: This mission now indicates that players must use their Starship when returning to Dromund Kaas.
        • Hail the Conquering Hero: This mission now indicates that players must use their Starship to travel to Dromund Kaas.
        • Operation Talon: The Mission Log no longer incorrectly indicates that there is a mission item available for use during this mission.
        • Return to Duty: This mission now indicates that players must use their Starship when returning to Coruscant.

World Missions

        • Stealing Thunder: Treek and Blizz will no longer attempt to be even shorter by sinking into the floor while on the mission step to “Access the Isotope-5 Storage Tanks”.


    • Regulator Unit Technicians, Regulator Gearheads, and Regulator Gonk Droids on the Frinn Mesa of Makeb no longer evade combat and reset when they are not defeated quickly enough.
    • Operations Courier YD-33 on Vaiken Spacedock no longer attempts to impersonate Human voices and again sounds like a Droid.
    • The Militia Extraction unit at the Ark Construction site on Makeb no longer holds an invisible weapon.


  • Players who are dead and accept a Warzone queue invite with a pending revive request are no longer able to accept the revive once inside the Warzone.



      • The non-available Mood “Indignant” has been removed from the Mood sub-category of the Emotes drop-down menu on the Chat Window.


    • Republic players are now able to obtain the Codex entry for “The Invasion of Balmorra” inside of the Balmorran Arms Factory.
    • The Species Codex entry for Advozsec now uses the correct image.
    • The “Worm Food” Codex entry now has an image.
    • Added appropriate subcategories to the Planets > Makeb section of the Codex Window.