Flash Point 64: Magic Lasers and Pubic Pillows

flashpoint-podcastIt’s been a bust few weeks in SWTOR land in particular, so we cover that plus a usual smattering of other MMOs and manage to mangle segues like a beast.

Points of discussion:

– 2.4 announcement
– Join the Battle
– Super secret space project
– Medical Tables, not so cheap dyes and sit emotes

– SimCity
– WoW 5.4
– Dr Who coins
– Shout out to iTunes reviewer Big_Pete009
– Darth Scotia and kicking George Lucas in the nuts

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  1. I don’t know if this is still the case but origin and SWTOR used to use the same password. When I installed BF3 I couldn’t get onto SWTOR till I figured out that the password was now my origin one.