The Secret World Issue #7 On The Horizon

The_Secret_World_-_Issue__7_Teaser_-_YouTubeAn interesting update from The Secret World’s Game Director Joel Bylos, concentrating on the upcoming content update, Issue #7.

Before he gets to that though, he’s flagged we’re in for some fun to coincide with the first anniversary of TSW’s launch:

From July 3rd, the Guardians of Gaia will be awakening in areas all across the game. These massive creatures, formed of the primal elements, are the second line of defense for the planet against the strange infection known only as the Filth.

Such powerful creatures can only be brought down by banding together with others and lucky players will be able to capture a portion of their essence – a earn a Guardian of their very own.

Throughout the event, we will be offering a 30% discount across almost everything in the store and every day we will provide a different bonus to anybody who logs in – Double Experience, Double Ability Points and Double Skill Points.

We’ll be offering free gifts to all of our players and a little something extra for our members and Grandmasters.

Now onto Issue #7, A Dream To Kill. All that’s being said is that it obviously continues the main storyline, with Tokyo the focus. Beyond that, you’ll have to satisfy yourself with a short but spooky little teaser vid:

Finally, there’s a mention of Issue #8 plans:

Looking forward again, the team is hard at work on the content of Issue #8, which includes the very exciting new Scenario and Augment systems which will allow us to extend our in-game in new ways. In addition the writers are hard at work on the new characters in Tokyo and we will be recording VO and motion capture for those characters right after a well-earned summer vacation.

So there you have it – lots to look forward to. If only I could free up some time to get beyond the Savage Coast……


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