Flash Point 60: Cylindrical Knobby Things

flashpoint-podcastKristy’s back in internet-land and we’re in a Pre-Pax frenzy with lots to discuss on SWTOR and a lot of other MMOs to boot.

Points of discussion:

– Podcast feedback  (please fill in our listener feedback survey if you haven’t already)
– Addition of a new segment: State of Play

Class representatives 
– PTS for Czerka Flashpoints and Operations
– Supreme Moguls Contraband Pack

– Marvel Heroes Dev Update
– Final Fantasy XIV
– WoW End-Game store
– Aion 4.0
– Reader feedback from Shawn AKA:Karigdas on Harbinger and Shadowlands
– Pax Oz

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  1. Matsupial says

    Great show guys, lots of laughs. Think the new segment sounds great, look forward to more discussion! Keep up the great work, and enjoy PAX 🙂

    • David Holloway says

      Than you sir, always appreciate the feedback and we’ll try to enjoy ourselves 🙂