Flash Point 58: Leaving No Something Unturned

flashpoint-podcastA nice laid-back podcast with just Simon and David, covering off SWTOR and Marvel Heroes in particular given its launch last week.

Points of discussion:

– Server transfers
– plug for the SWTOR Gamers Of The World Facebook Group
– brief general news update

Marvel Heroes
– Our joint review! (written review from David here)


Oz ComicCon giveaway
– is there any real reason to be excited about the upcoming PS and Xbox releases?
– calling all SWTOR (or other MMO) oceanic guilds: we want to get you on the podcast

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  1. A couple of updates for you. Transfers will cost 1800 each, and BW will not be making an announcement at E3.


  1. […] It’s a 5-hour SWTOR server maintenance this week to get Game Update 2.2 up and running. While you’re waiting you can always listen to our latest podcast which is hot off the tape recorders. […]