Through The Mist: Making The Switch


Through the Mist has been a regular column from Luke Le Page covering everything World of Warcraft.!

As most of you are probably aware, it has been a long time between drinks for me. I recently made the call to cancel my WoW subscription – this was not entirely due to the quality of Mists of Pandaria (though it was a factor) but a culmination of a lot of other circumstances as well. I’ve taken on a larger course load at university and returned to playing SWTOR.


Why, you may ask, have I made the decision to swap from my once beloved WoW to the Old Republic? To put it simply, I was enjoying it a lot more when it came time to make the decision to cut back on my monthly expenditure. The fact that I can play without paying anything if I choose was also a factor.


Back to the enjoyment factor, I haven’t enjoyed Mists in quite some time. It took me months to get a second character to 90 and I didn’t even consider a third. From a game where I had max level characters of every class (bar druid) at every expansion this says a lot about my enjoyment factor. Most of the time that I logged in I had hopes and intentions of doing all sorts of things but it usually turned into pet battles because I found that’s where my enjoyment was coming from.


Then along came the Rise of the Hutt Cartel and I really enjoyed the new content – yes it was short but it was sweet. I now have three 55s and a handful on their way to level cap. So in future I will turn my writing to SWTOR – I want to thank the WoW readers I’ve had. It was a lot of fun writing about a game I was passionate about but the passion has died out and I have moved on, I hope my readers can forgive me and move on with me. It was a great honour and privilege to write about something so many people are interested in.


I will also turn some attention to Neverwinter Online (if I ever truly get a grasp of the game systems myself) and the Elder Scrolls online.



  1. Interesting read. I too have come to realise it may be time to finally hang up the wow boots until they produce something that really grabs me. Ultimately, it was the time invested and the memories that has kept me subbed, Although I haven’t played seriously in 15 months. I get a far greater immersion from 3-4 other games I play. ATM, it’s tera and neverwinter and GW2 and swtor hanging in the wings. The landscape of gaming is a far different place now than it was even 2 years ago. I feel like we have crossed a big river and there is no going back.

    • The nostalgia of everything i had put into the game was definitely a major reason i stuck with Mists for as long as i did.

      With so much more on the market now, particularly in the f2p market paying for a sub is becoming less and less justifiable.