The Island of Stillborn Stars Goes Live in TSW

tsw-raid-newFuncom have released patch 1.6.2 for The Secret World, which contains a new Lair for people to explore: The Island of Stillborn Stars.

Here’s the breathless blurb from the team on what this Lair is about:

The mysterious and brutal Eidolon of the Outer Dark has just made the final connection to our dimension. You can now take on this monstrous challenge in his prison ā€“ The Island of Stillborn Stars.

The brand new Lair Raid has gone through final testing on the TestLive servers and has now gone live.

Check out the Issue #6 preview video containing scenes from the new Lair Raid here.

You must first piece together all the pattern pieces from existing Lair bosses before you can take on this terrible new foe.

Gather in groups of ten, find the location of his portal, perform the ritual and enter this new and unexplored dimension where the immense monster awaits.

Though the journey to reach this new challenge is long and arduous, the rewards are powerful and rare. The allure of mighty Signets cannot be denied.

So get out there people and test your metal in this new challenge. It is certainly a trap, but will you bite with jaws of steel?

We’ll have the 1.6.2 patch notes available for you shortly as well.