Oceanic Soap Box: MMO Winter Roll Call

oceanic-soap-boxIt’s that time of year locally where we move into winter and the likelihood of increased gaming time increases without all that damn nice weather to lure you outdoors. For some it may mean more time on the game they love, for others the opportunity to explore something new. I know I’m going through a re-discovery of SWTOR and looking forward to Marvel Heroes launching. I’m also damn tempted to check out Neverwinter after Wayne’s great overview of what it has to offer.

So jump in an tell us: will you be trying anything different over the winter months and if so what?



  1. Definitely will be playing & streaming Neverwinter. It’s Foundry system looks very interesting. Would be also giving Marvel Heroes a shot.

  2. I will likely be sticking with swtor for now. I can’t say that i’ve enjoyed the Marvel Heroes beta at all