Flash Point 55: Wookanese and Gillard’s Through-Hole

flashpoint-podcastIt’s great to have Jason from OotiniCast co-host with us this week (thanks Jason!), in another episode dominated by Game Update 2.0 and Rise of the Hutt Cartel.

Points of discussion:

– Roundtable on 2.0 / ROTHC Likes and Dislikes
– Does ROTHC qualify as an expansion?
– Class changes
– David discovers Unity finally
– Local server petition discussion
– SWTOR achievement system

– Minecraft
– The Secret World
– Elder Scrolls Online (via the Gamers of Oceania Facebook Group)
– WildStar
– StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm
Harrison Ford on Jimmy Kimmel
– Wreck-It Ralph
– House of Cards

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