Starcraft 2 Achievements: Zergling Rush

Zergling Rush Achievement

Zergling Rush Achievement in the bag

I thought I’d share some solutions to some of the SC2 achievements I’ve finally nailed down. This week I’ll start with:

Zergling Rush Achievement

You have 255 seconds (4 minutes and 15 seconds) to morph in 20 Zerglings. It’s pretty easy once you get the order right and I can confirm I got the achievement by:

1. Have the five drones you start with immediately start collecting minerals (which is the default now anyway)

2. Once you hit 200 minerals build a Spawn Pool -leave the remaining 5 drones to collect minerals

3. Once you have 100 minerals morph an Overlord

4. Once your Spawn Pool has been created, morph Zerglings as soon as each larvae spawns

5. Done – with a few seconds to spare.

Hope that helps and post in comments alternate strategies if you like!