The Secret World Issue 6: Details

tsw-issue6After a much deserved ‘break’ (although I somehow doubt any holidaying has been occurring) after the frenzy of the End of Days event and Issue 5’s release, Funcom’s TSW team have announced some details on the next content expansion: The Last Train To Cairo.

Slated for release in “early March”, and with Members getting access two days early, here’s what you get:

In this update you will play through a new, deep and revealing story within Egypt. Travel back in time to unearth powerful artifacts which can help you in the future, and see how the wondrous locations of The Scorched Desert looked in ages past.

There’s some more story and side missions and a new auxiliary weapon:

The vicious Whip can be used for great area damage, but also for buffing your team or sneaky crowd control. Use the Whip to encourage your team mates to run faster or snare tricky opponents and pull them towards you.

But wait, there’s more – a new recruitment and veteran system that rewards you for hanging around:

A new Veteran and Recruitment system will become available. For each month you are or have been a member you receive points which can buy unique rewards. Every new person recruited also gives you an amount of points equal to a month of Membership.

And for PvP’ers, a ranking system will launch with Issue 6:

A completely new ranking system will also be introduced to Player-versus-player combat. You gain PVP experience points and eventually ranks when you or your team kills other players. As you go up in ranks you are awarded with new tokens, which can be used to buy fresh PVP uniforms.

Here’s the few screenshots supplied of the new content (click on a pic for the full size):

What’s your take on what you see – anything you particularly like or dislike about the details unveiled?