SWTOR Heroic Space Missions: Schedule

SWTOR Heroic Space Mission unlock scheduleFor those who love a heroic space mission, BioWare have provided some clarification on when each mission unlocks so it can be re-played:

We have confirmed that the following is the current schedule for Heroic Space Combat missions:


  • Tuesday – Far Cradle Strike (Imp) / Regnant Station (Rep)
  • Wednesday – Kabal Station Defense (Imp) / Ardis Outpost Fortification (Rep)
  • Thursday – Kanz Minefield (Imp) / New Covar Ice Field (Rep)
  • Friday – Duma Strike (Imp) / Baros Ambush (Rep)
  • Saturday – Lorta Escort (Imp) / Hypori Escort (Rep)
  • Sunday – Cha Raaba Assault (Imp) / Thanium Disruption (Rep)
  • Sunday – Operation Foe Smasher (Imp) / Operation Clean Sweep (Rep)

For balance, we have decided to move one of the Sunday unlocks to Monday in a future patch.

So there you have it – and note the plans for a shift to a Monday unlock for either Cha Raaba Assault / Thanium Disruption or Operation Foe Smasher / Clean Sweep in a future patch.