WoW Zone by Zone Achievement Guide Part 7: Badlands, Searing Gorge, Burning Steppes & Blackrock Mountain

WoW Achievement GuideWelcome to ZAGGARAT ( Jetsai’s Zone-by-Zone Achievement Guide for Getting Across the Realm with Alliance Toons), a comprehensive zone by zone guide to wrapping up every achievement you need. You can view all instalments by clicking here. The printer and screen friendly guides can be downloaded at the bottom of this post.

Chapter 7 is all about the Dwarfs … and lizards… and beetles … and snakes. Ok, so basically anything that scuttles, skitters, crawls or slithers can be found in Badlands, Searing Gorge, Burning Steppes and Blackrock Mountain.So strap on your Ultra-Advanced Proto-Typical Girly-Scream Diffuser coz we’re going in!

I highly recommend completing all the quests in these three zones, especially Searing Gorge, before entering Blackrock Mountain if you’re concerned at all about reputation achievements. The Mountain offers both the shortest and the longest reputation grinds in the game. You can easily get to exalted with Thorium Brotherhood in less than a day but Hydaxian Waterlords will take a minimum of 15 weeks even with all the guild perks, banners and a human racial at your disposal. Plus, two of its three raids, Molten Core and Blackwing Lair, offer the new Battle Pets for Raiding with Leashes. Beware though- contrary to popular belief, these raids still require attunement as of 5.1. Details about how to do this are included in the guide.

You’ll also need to gather a possee of mates to easily do Cata’s Blackrock Caverns achievements as some of the mechanics are going to stymie solo players.

And remember as you travel, Female Dwarf Hate is wrong, mmmkay. Ironforge girls rock! (pardon the pun).

Download the screen-friendly version here

Download the printer-friendly version here

(Editor’s note: I just wanted to say what an amazing feat Jemima has pulled off with these Zaggarat guides – if you find them as incredibly useful as I have already, please use the donate link below – proceeds will be forwarded onto Jem for her work)