Through The Mist: WoW Patch 5.2 Thoughts


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Well it’s that time again: patch 5.2 is just around the corner and it’s a big one. I can’t hope to list everything that’s on its way in the patch but I will take a bit of a look at the bigger content that is being included.

First, we have the new Daily Quest Hub: The Isle of the Thunder King. This new area opens up a whole new chain of daily quests for players to undertake. Players will join the assault on Emperor Lei Shen’s island stronghold and offers players the chance to participate in special events. It will progress much like the Isle of Quel’Danas, where players unlock additional quests and areas as they progress through the island. There is great news for Blacksmiths as they will eventually be able to craft raid worthy weapons and more enticingly (in my opinion) classic weapons from the past.

This area also includes the new raid The Throne of Thunder which will drop tier 15 armour sets. This raid will consist of 12 new bosses, which will be split into 4 wings for the raid finder.

As expected, we see the Wrathion legendary quest line continue and offer players the chance at a legendary metagem.

More world bosses have been added to the game; these include Nalak, the Storm Lord and Oondasta. This leads me directly into a massive change coming for many players – World bosses will be tagged to faction. Meaning that multiple groups of the same faction can tackle these new bosses (as well as the old ones) and receive loot.

It looks like we will also finally see the introduction of the Warlock quest to change their fire spells to green.

In addition to these major content additions, we are going to see a lot of class changes – far too many to list in a column such as this but the outlook for the majority of the changes that I have seen is relatively positive.

Whilst this is nowhere near to covering the content of patch 5.2 (a much more comprehensive list can be seen on just about any of the wow community sites) it does include some of the major changes and I have to say some of the new mounts coming look amazing and will likely encourage me to explore this new content.  One of the more exciting changes revolves around the content we have already seen. With the addition of Thunderforged weapons to existing raid bosses, Blizzard are making a concerted effort to encourage players to return to cleared content. More importantly to the more casual players and LFR raiders is that these new high ilvl items being added to current content offers us a way to catch up gear wise in an effort to move into the new content.

Anyone who read my last piece knows where I currently am with the game and I have to say that 5.2 has me excited again. Having looked fairly closely at the new content and (more importantly) its rewards, I am really looking forward to this patch. Excited enough to contemplate active progression raiding once again.

How about you?


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