GW2 Achievements and Rewards System Update

GW2 Achievements and Rewards SystemMatt Wuerffel from ArenaNet has posted on the official blog and update about some revamping they are doing for rewards and achievements in GW2. If you’re not an achievement junkie like me, you may not find this stuff that relevant, but otherwise have a look at the details.

Aside from stuff occurring in the near term, Wuerffel has also hinted at what’s happening further down the track:

Down the road, we’ll also be adding a reward structure to total achievement points, and we’ll be looking at revamping portions of existing UI to help players understand all the different kinds of content they can play and the types of rewards available. Once we have that framework in place, we’ll be able to really expand on the content accessible through the achievements system and provide you with even more new and exciting ways to play the game.


Let’s hear from you: do achievements matter to you in GW2 and if so, do you like what’s planned?


  1. yes.

  2. I’d rather work torwards something that would give me an edge over other players, or increase my epeen level lol. That’s just how I am, but I don’t think guild wars 2 will ever be that way.