The Secret World Issue #5 Is Live

I tell you what, I’m starting to wonder if the folks at Funcom ever sleep. The Issue #5 content update for The Secret World is now live.

Titled ‘The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn’, this update has a number of new bits and pieces for you. Lots of new story content, a new weapon and some nice interface improvements. It’s all showcased pretty nicely by a preview vid that Funcom have released:

I love the look of the new Quantum Brace weapon, and am hanging to start the new story arc. That said, the highlight for me is a simple one: hotkeys for inventory items. I’d argue it’s well overdue and I know it’ll help me improve my gameplay considerably.

The casual player in me hopes that the TSW crew are taking a little break so I have time to catch up with all the new content!

What about you – what catches your eye the most with this update?