Flash Point 47: Dim Sim The Dog Dies (On The Toilet)

MMO podcastWe get through a large number of topics this episode, which features Matthjew “Scope” Pearce as guest co-host to talk about WOrld of Tanks in addition to his encyclopaedic SWTOR knowledge.

Points of discussion:

– Post F2p impressions
– more quickbar slots and character slots for preferred players
– cartel market discussion
– 1.6 on PTS, including PTS gripes and heroic space combat missions
– PvP / Battlemaster gear

– Issue #4 impressions
– Issue #5 hints
– toilet seat talk
– Albion Theatre fun (official forum link)
– brief cricket disagreement

– 5.1 Landfall impressions (nice overview here)
– WoW ain’t dead yet
– Project Blackstone
– ZAGGARAT – amazing zone by zone achievement guide by our own Jemima.

– GW2 customer service
City of Heroes closing
– World of Tanks overview and discussion, Patch 8.1 and 8.2
Firefall beta
Comics coverage
– assorted brief snippets on Borderlands 2, Sim City, PS3 Home Tycoon, Weird Al Yankovic’s Albuquerque (must watch vid link)

– Shout outs for our forums, Facebook page, Twitter account, Simon’s Twitter account and Kristy’s Blog.

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  1. Kristy Green says

    Disclaimer: No Dogs were harmed during the making of this podcast although one was bribed with a bone to be quiet.

  2. I think the isotopes stayed in Springfield. Homer’s hunger strike worked.