Christmas Greetings From The Oceanic Gamer

il_fullxfull.188510573.jpgJust a quick note to thank all our readers for their support over the past year. If Christmas is your thing, I hope it’s a good one for you with plenty of time to play the games you’re passionate about.

We’ll still be working away over this time: in fact there may be more content than usual! If there’s particular stuff you’d like us to cover over the ‘break’, then let us know in comments! We’ll be having a look back at 2012 and testing some of the predictions we made a year ago as well as making some new ones for 2013.

I also wanted to shout out to the great team that contribute quality stories to The Oceanic Gamer: it’s you folks who make this little gaming site rock in a big way.

[Pic via LiteGamer]