WoW’s 8th Anniversary: Share Your Stories!

On the 23rd November it’s eight years to the day since World of Warcraft launched. To coincide, Blizzard have released a short video to commemorate the occasion. There’s nothing new in it and a lot you will immediately recognise from older videos, but all the same it’s a good way for current players and older players alike to see the breadth of content we now have access to.

Have a look for yourself:

Hopefully that’s got you into the mood to share some stories about your time in WoW. I love hearing about people’s history with games and WoW has one of the longer histories.

Have you been there the whole eight years? If not which expansion got you in? What are the most fun things you’ve done in-game? What parts of the game do you miss? It’s as good an excuse as any to share WoW reminiscences. The sky’s the limit so hop to it!


  1. I played from Vanilla to about halfway through Cataclysm. I raided Hardcore from late Vanilla through Sunwell. Some of my favorite memories are my first Rag kill, guild racing for server first Brutallus kill (missed it by 20 minutes!), and a host of good times doing stuff they said couldn’t be done, like having one of our Paladins solo-heal Karazahn (at the proper level and gear, mind you). It wasn’t easy, but we did it!