SWTOR 1.6 Hits PTS: Full Patch Notes


Hot on the heels of 1.5 going live, BioWare have put Patch 1.6 on the Public Test Server. It’s a much smaller update as you’d expect although there’s a new Warzone and Heroic space missions. Read on for the full notes as they stand at present:

Game Update 1.6: Ancient Hypergate – PTS Patch Notes

The patch notes published for the Public Test Server are not final and are subject to change. Currently, only English notes are available, but French and German versions will be published when they are available



  • Ancient Hypergate, a new Warzone, is available for play! Travel to an ancient ruin built around a Gree Hypergate and battle to control the precious lost technology for your faction.
  • New incredibly challenging Weekly [HEROIC] Space Combat missions are available!
  • All new Grade 7 Artifact Quality Starship Upgrades are now available!

Group Finder

  • Added a new Level 50 “Introduction to Group Finder” mission to the Daily Mission Terminal on the Republic and Imperial Fleets. This will be granted when players complete the Advanced Gear mission for their Class.
  • Group Finder categories have been updated with tooltips that provide a recommended gear rating and an outline of the rewards available from the content.
  • Increased Black Hole Commendations awarded by Story Mode Operations in Group Finder from 5 to 10.


  • Tionese gear available from the Tionese vendor no longer costs Tionese Crystals, and their commendation costs have been reduced for most items.
  • Ancient Artifact Storage Boxes can now be purchased for 25 Tionese Crystals from all Tionese vendors.

Missions and NPCs

  • Added a new Level 50 “Advanced Gear” mission for each Class to the Daily Mission Terminal on the Imperial and Republic Fleets.


  • The tooltips for several currencies will now explain how they can be acquired and what they can be used to purchase. These currencies include: Tionese Commendations, Columi Commendations, Black Hole Commendations, Daily Commendations, and Tionese Crystals.
  • The Flashpoint Commendations category on the Currency Window has been renamed to Endgame Commendations. Daily Commendations will now appear under the Endgame Commendations category.

Over to you: anything in particular you’re excited for in 1.6?


  1. Forceslinger says

    Bit disappointed with their approach to FTP to be honest..

  2. Anon Dragon says

    It is not F2P. It is P2W.
    You basically get the single player portion of the game (story to level 50).
    But people who say this is great don’t realise this is an MMO we’re talking about and you don’t have “fun” grinding to level 50 doing a story which frankly, is not that amazing compared to single player games.

    You have to pay to play the MMO part of the game. To get artefact/purple gear which is essential in pvp, and in general all MMO features (wz, flashpoints, etc…) everything has to be paid for to enjoy.

    Acknowledged the end game content for swtor fails a little bit (but is improving with game updates). But this is not the point.
    There is no F2P. There is just an extended free trial with cash cow (cartel) on the side to lure people to spend money (and they do, its quite tempting).

    Ive played F2P until about level 40. Its a boring experience and you just want to sub all the time, which I have done and wished I could have done before.

    Bioware is certainly not going to succeed with this model, unless they start delivering massive content updates every couple weeks. For now it just seems they added some P2W model to create more profit.

    • I do understand when you say the F2P part of the game is not the best
      example around, and that it requires you to buy either cartel coins or
      sub to fully appreciate the “mmo portion” of the game. Still, u can play
      hours on end in f2p model, and despite not having all the most
      essential tools, you can still appreciate the solo part of the game,
      which despite not being AMAZING, its still the best story and the
      easiest you’ll find in any other mmo (free or subbed). It’s meant to be
      an extention of the free trial and its meant to lure players to sub (as u
      mentioned u felt tempted too, so id say – mission acomplished). You
      need to bear in mind this game has 2 options of gameplay, and it wouldnt
      be fair to all the subs if the f2p people got as many advantages.

      the expression – P2W, has hardly anything to do with this game. Name 1
      single item u can buy with cartel coins (= real money) that actually
      gives you an advantage over any other player? They are all purely
      social, with the exception of those consumables that give you a boost in
      xp/valor. But even those items (that can be bought with cartel coins)
      are given away to subbed players for completing missions while leveling
      (not sure if the same happens with f2p but i think not).

      line is, with a game that has 2 models (free and subbed) you cannot
      expect both models to have the same perks, and even if we are talking
      about only subbed people, there is nothing u buy on cartel coins that
      will give you an advantage over other players who play the same model
      you do. I agree, they could “spare” a few more perks to the f2p model,
      im subbed since beggining and i have no problem in seeing f2p people
      have some of the same advantages i do, all in all, i just want more
      people to play the game so they can keep up with the updates in a
      regular timetable. So yeah, a little bit of tweaking might be necessary,
      but so far i think they are doing an acceptable job.

  3. F2P is a great option for people that do not want to pay to play an MMO but want a good game experience, one of the advantages of this game is the fact that it is story based like a regular rpg, and not mission based like most other MMO’s. Yes FTP downgrades quite a bit but lets you do quite a bit in a dynamic game. IMO there is no other FTP game on the market that has the content and story line like this and honestly its worth the 50-60 bucks to do one play through like you would do if it was on your xbox or PS3. The best FTP game out there now is Guild Wars 2 and they have taken a lot of their ideas with the cartel market. I am a casual player with a family and with the FTP option it is great cause its not worth me paying $15 a month to play 20 hours a month therefor i do not play. Its now because of the FTP i started playing again and you know what i bet i renew my subscription when they have enough new content.


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