BioWare On SWTOR Oceanic Servers: Wait and See Approach

SWTOR Oceanic ServersSWTOR’s Executive Producer, Jeff Hickman, has provided a little more information on the issue of low oceanic server populations. It’s nothing surprising though – BioWare are going to wait and see if sending SWTOR Free to Play increases oceanic server populations:

We are very aware of the concerns with the population levels on the Oceanic servers. The problem is pretty complex, as the solutions we have either split the populations further (like allowing Oceanic players to move to North American servers), or would force players to go to server types (PvP or RP, etc…) that they do not want to be on. Our current plan is to wait for Free-to-Play to launch and see what the influx of new players does to the populations of these servers. We will give it a little time and if we do not see significant improvement, then we will move ahead with the solution that offers the best playing experience for the Oceanic community.

If things do end up requiring a solution, it’ll be interesting to see what it is given Hickman says that forcing a migration or move to a different server aren’t ideal.

What’s your thoughts?