The Most Popular Game In The World? League of Legends

So – what do you think is the most popular game in the world? Is it single-player or an MMO?

Over the past few months I’ve been hearing about how popular League of Legends is, and it appears that over thirty million people agree each month. Over at, Jason Evangelho has penned a piece on the game, including this pretty fascinating infographic on the game:

most popular game in the world

Of course, determining a game that’s absolutely the most popular is risky, particularly given a lot of these assessments don’t take into account games played in non-English speaking cultures. That said, you can safely say that League of Legends appears to be in a elite rank of games.

If you’ve played League of Legends we’d love to hear from you – tell us why you think it’s the most popular game in the world!

[A big thanks to eagle-eyed and dedicated reader Gail for the heads-up!]