SWTOR 1.4.3 Full Patch Notes

SWTOR 1.4.3 Full Patch Notes

Here starteth the full patch notes for SWTOR 1.4.3 which has just gone live. There’s a mixed bag of fixes and additions:

1.4.3 Patch Notes


Classes and Combat

Jedi Knight

    • The visual effects for Awe display more quickly to better match the ability’s effect.

Flashpoints and Operations


        • Riding the taxi in this Flashpoint no longer causes a client crash.


      • [WEEKLY] Galactic Operations now rewards 15 Black Hole Commendations (up from 8).
      • [WEEKLY] Galactic Crisis Points now rewards 20 Black Hole Commendations (up from 8).
      • [WEEKLY] Deadly Operations now rewards 10 Black Hole Commendations.
Explosive Conflict
        • Warlord Kephess now drops additional Black Hole pieces in Story Mode (2 additional pieces in 8-player and 4 additional pieces in 16-player).
Karagga’s Palace
        • The Dessler Turbo is now a guaranteed drop from Karagga the Unyielding in Nightmare Mode.
        • Many bosses in Nightmare Mode now have a chance to drop the M0-GUL Thrall Droid or Karagga’s Unyielding Helm.
Terror from Beyond
      • Hypergate Beacons now despawn when the Terror from Beyond transitions from phase 1 to phase 2 in 8- and 16-player Hard Mode.
      • The Terror from Beyond now drops additional Black Hole pieces in Story Mode (2 additional pieces in 8-player and 4 additional pieces in 16-player).

Group Finder

  • Group finder now asks players to confirm requests to leave the backfill queue. Leaving the queue will now disable the “queue group” button if the group is in an active phase.
  • The “update role” button is now disabled by default when the invalid group dialogue appears. It is enabled once roles have been updated.
  • The role icon and name for a player being vote kicked now display correctly.
  • An issue that could cause groups that required backfill to lose progress has been corrected.
  • An issue that could cause players to fail to receive daily rewards has been corrected. Previously, players were not considered queued random when the group’s leader had active lockouts, even if the group was queued for random content.

Missions and NPCs


World Missions
        • Darker than Dark: This mission no longer updates one of its steps prematurely.
Class Missions
Sith Inquisitor
      • Financing the Enemy: B2-44’s subtitles now progress at a readable speed.


  • Several probe droids that previously displayed a fictionally incorrect Czerka skin have been updated to the correct appearance.



      • The Warzone matchmaking system no longer occasionally places players into empty matches.
      • Players no longer occasionally enter a state that prevents them from joining new groups after participating in a Warzone.
    • An issue that could cause team scoreboards to be unintentionally switched has been corrected.


  • The Chat color wheel now functions correctly again.
  • The UI no longer appears briefly on top of loading screens.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • A potential method for Imperial players to reach Anchorhead on Tatooine has been corrected.
  • Some text errors (such as typos and missing translations) have been corrected.
  • Some minor art and cinematic issues have been corrected.
  • Some instances where mood emotes caused facial overlapping (or overlapping with some head slot items) when used with action emotes have been corrected.


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