SWTOR 1.4.1 Patch Notes

The servers are back up and there’s a shiny new patch in place: 1.4.1. The Consular and Inquisitor get some bug fixes as far as classes go, but there’s lots more than that.

Here’s the full patch notes for you:

1.4.1 Patch Notes


Classes and Combat

Jedi Consular

Kinetic Combat
          • Stasis no longer prevents Force Lift from breaking on damage and making its target take less damage.

Sith Inquisitor

        • Eye of the Storm no longer prevents Whirlwind from breaking on damage and making its target take less damage.

Companion Characters


      • Companions now respect “hide helmet” settings in cinematics and when speaking.


      • The “Unify Color” option now works with Xalek’s Pants in combination with Neophyte Robe.

Crew Skills


    • Crew Skill Missions now return the correct (higher) amount of materials.
    • Players can no longer consume schematics that they already know.

Flashpoints and Operations


Maelstrom Prison
        • Grand Moff Kilran’s Fifth Fleet Troopers and Gunners now correctly despawn if the player group is defeated.
The False Emperor
        • Jindo Krey’s ship can now be properly destroyed.


Explosive Conflict
        • Calibrating Shot (used by Imperial Siege Droids) now reduces damage taken by a smaller amount per stack.
Eternity Vault
        • The correct (higher) amount of Rakata and Columi tokens is now dropped in 16-player modes of Eternity Vault.
Karagga’s Palace
        • The correct (higher) amount of Rakata and Columi tokens is now dropped in 16-player modes of Karagga’s Palace.
Terror from Beyond
      • Killing a tentacle while the Terror from Beyond is enraged in phase 2 now properly damages the boss for 5% of its health instead of 15%.
      • In 16-player Hard Mode, the Terror from Beyond’s enrage timer has been increased to 9 minutes.
      • The Tunneling Tentacle buff on the Terror from Beyond no longer appears in Story Mode.

Group Finder

  • Players are no longer able to revive in place while in a Group Finder Operation or Flashpoint.
  • Personal starships now remain docked at their previous location when the player returns from a Group Finder instance after traveling to it from their ship.


  • The Marauder’s Battlemaster head piece no longer allows body type 3 heads to clip through it.


  • Elements of the Legacy panel now update without needing the player to log out and back in.

Missions and NPCs


      • Weekly missions can now be acquired consistently.


        • Keeping Secrets: This bonus mission now properly grants experience.
Jedi Consular
      • Chaos and Harmony: Syo now attacks players correctly.



        • Same-faction matches now play the correct voiceovers.
Alderaan Civil War
        • Players hit by a knockback while riding a taxi are no longer occasionally killed instantly.
      • Voidstar matches no longer occasionally end early and grant a win to the incorrect team.



      • Players can once again right-click names in chat to open the context menu.
      • The “Hide Helmet” option is no longer located in the preferences. It can be accessed via the character window.

Galactic Trade Network

    • The GTN now interprets multi-word searches using “and” instead of “or,” returning narrower results as intended.
    • Items on the GTN can now be properly filtered by the Strength stat.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue that caused some female Mirialan characters’ eyeballs to be visible through their eyelids when blinking.
  • Corrected a very rare issue that could cause the incorrect character to be deleted. This could only occur when a player deleted a character immediately after renaming it such that it moved in the character select list due to alphabetization.
  • Grouped characters can no longer become stuck on another player’s starship.