Guild Wars 2 Patch Notes: October 7th 2012 Update

Guild Wars 2 Patch NotesArenaNet have put another game update live, and this one contains quite the list of bug fixes including  a number of dungeon fixes.

Have a read through the patch notes in full:


  • Fixed a bug in targeting that was causing left-dragging to deselect/select targets incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug in targeting that was allowing users to deselect all targets using the select next target functionality.
  • Fixed a bug with human female sword and pistol animations.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing quickness to get stuck on players and enemies indefinitely.
  • Fixed the Mystic Forge recipe for Melandru’s Gaze that was rewarding the Mystic Staff instead.
  • Fixed a potential bug with skill challenge conversations not closing for all parties speaking with the NPC.
  • Fixed a bug in weaponsmith Destroyer recipes being swapped for Valkyrie and Berserker weapons.
  • Fixed the Mystic Forge recipes for platinum and mithril ingot conversion taking cloth bolts instead of the appropriate ingots. This also fixes the issue with linen and silk bolt conversion recipes sometimes rewarding ingots.
  • Fixed the Mystic Forge recipe for Immobulus requiring a defunct item. It now requires giant eyes instead.
  • Fixed a bug with Rune of Divinity that was causing it to do 50% more critical damage than listed.
  • Removed laughing audio from crafting stations in Divinity’s Reach.
  • Raised the maximum karma limit.
  • Superior Rune of the Adventurer is now set to give 50% of endurance on heal.
  • The character select screen now reflects hidden armor choices.
  • Updated Rune of Earth and Rune of the Grove to have a 25% chance to grant 4 seconds of protection and 30-second recharge for superior runes, with 45-second recharge for major runes.
  • We’ve relaxed our anti-exploiting system for loot and events.


  • We’ve updated the camera to reduce the amount of camera smoothing currently in the game in order to lower the frequency of related bugs. We’re still looking into other camera issues, but we decided to make this quick change because it greatly improves the gameplay experience.
  • Fixed a bug that could block “Escort Order of Whispers agents to Jormabakke Stead” in Snowden Drifts from restarting.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause duplicate versions of Agent Briathell to spawn in Snowden Drifts.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the repair event for “Cascade Bridge” in Lornar’s Pass from triggering.


Caudecus’s Manor

  • Closed map exploits.
  • Updated the reward vendor for Caudecus’s Manor to include the missing exotic light helmet.
    Citadel of Flame
  • Closed map exploits.

Twilight Arbor

  • Upper Spider Path: Increased the attack range of the Nightmare Tree. The area attack and its effect now take place at the same location.
  • Nightmare Tree Spider Path: The area attack now correctly does damage at the point of the effect.
  • Forward Upper Husk Path: Added damage to the Nightmare Tree’s immobilize skill. Also added damage to the Nightmare Tree egg launch skill.


  • Reduced the health of the final boss in “The Source of Orr.”
  • Forging the Pact: Implemented changes to ensure that the cave section completes reliably.
  • Pets and Walls Make Stronger Kraals: Fix for possible stall during the taming step.
  • Battle of Fort Trinity:
    • You cannot pick up the water orb until you defeat all of the saboteurs.
    • It’s no longer possible to trap players by closing the fortress doors on them.
    • Fixed a stall during “Retake the docks” objective.
    • Fixed a stall if players did not choose a greatest fear earlier in Chapter 7.
  • Lines of Communication: Batanga will now help you fight the Arcane Eye.
  • Fixing Blame: Warmaster Gurnn should now kick off his cutscene correctly.
  • Fixed a rare bug in “Shards of Orr” where Herboza would not become visible.

World versus World

  • The northernmost keep in all homelands has had its collision adjusted on the inner western gate.
  • Numerous items have been disabled for use in World versus World to prevent exploits and imbalances. This includes the Experimental Teleportation Gun, ettin gunk, drake eggs, seed turrets, and more.
  • Fixed WvW Orb of Power duplication on player disconnect.


  • Attributes gained from traits now apply to the downed state.


  • Glyph of Renewal: This skill will now revive downed allies only, not dead ones.
  • Signets of Earth, Fire, and Water: These signest have been updated to not fire at targets behind the player.
  • Signet of Fire: This skill is now able to hit targets at its indicated range.
  • Signet of Air: This skill now displays a hovering signet effect over the user when activated.
  • Whirlpool: This skill’s damage has been decreased by 33%.


  • Grenade Kit: Grenade skills now have the same cast time underwater as they do on land.
  • Explosives Trait Grenadier: This trait now gives a bonus to underwater grenade skills.
  • Big Ol’ Bomb: This skill has been updated to be a blast finisher.


  • We are moving towards retaliation being more of a counter to taking many hits rather than a general boon to keep up all the time. We also wanted to improve the combo finisher of the guardian, so we reorganized guardian greatsword skills to the following:
    • Skill 2: Whirling Wrath (10 second recharge)
    • Skill 3: Leap of Faith (15 second recharge)
    • Skill 4: Symbol of Wrath (20 second recharge)
  • Updated Bane Signet and Signet of Wrath so they can’t be fired at targets behind the player.
  • Updated Signet of Judgment to apply three seconds of retaliation upon activation with or without traits.
  • Decreased the activation time of Signet of Judgment.


  • Signet of Domination can no longer be cast on targets behind the mesmer.
  • Added a much faster breakout for mesmer underwater mantras.
  • Phantasmal Warlock: Increased recharge to 20 seconds.
  • Chaos Armor: Decreased recharge to 35 seconds.
  • Chaos Storm: Increased recharge to 35 seconds.
  • Phantasmal Duelist: Increased recharge to 20 seconds.
  • Phantasmal Swordsman: Increased recharge to 18 seconds.


  • Updated Chillblains to properly function with the Greater Marks trait.
  • Signet of Spite can now be cast while on the move.


  • Crossfire: Increased casting time by 40 milliseconds. This was done to fix some glitches in the animation that caused problems with this skill.
  • Removed the broken audio that played with Natural Healing whenever pets were in combat.


  • Pistol Whip: Reduced damage by 15%.
  • Basilisk Venom: Increased stun duration to 1.5 seconds. Stun breakers now work on this skill.