Oceanic Soap Box: Weekend Game Time

Ahhh, weekends. Most of us love them, and aside from some very unlucky souls who may have to work every weekend, t’s usually a time we can allocate a slot of time for gaming.

Which leads to our soapbox topic of the week: do you get more playtime on weekends and if so how do you schedule it? I’m looking at you mothers and fathers out there as well: how do you get some game-related fun time in amongst everything else?



  1. Actually I would play maybe the same amount over the weekend as I do during the week, and sometimes less. I have two kids aged 12 and 7 and they are happy to amuse themselves of an afternoon, so that is when I get my game time, and after they go to bed at night. They get to stay up later on weekends, but they are happy when I am gaming as they have control of the tv 😛