Mists of Pandaria Help Guide: Assorted Bits

Below are some simple solutions to issues I encountered on my journey from Level 85 to Level 90. Hope some of it helps you!

Where is the First Aid Trainer in Pandaria? – it’s Mishka the SI:7 agent standing near the fountain in the middle of Paw’don Village.

The Fall of Ga’trul – how do I hand in the quest? – after killing Ga’trul you need to read the red book on the altar then Rell Nightwind will appear at the door to hand it in. It took me two goes i.e. the first time Rell didn’t appear so had to try again by abandoning the quest.

Where is the Inscription Trainer in Pandaria? It’s Inkmaster Wei at the Arboretum on the east coast about half-way up on the map.

Jaded Heart Quest – where are the celestial jade chunks? They’re lying on the groun in amongst the Sha Echoes – just collect them and right click on one to weaken the Remnant.

Where is Jogu The Drunk? He’s sitting by the pond at the southern end of Halfhill

Where is the Flight Trainer in Pandaria? If you’re Alliance, it’s Cloudrunner Leng at the Shrine of Seven Stars in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. He’s right next to the Flight Master there, sitting on a cloud serpent. If Horde, you’re after Skydancer Shun in the Shrine of Two Moons.

Find Han Stormstout quest – how do I get past the streams? If you’re a windwalker then you can go over them, otherwise just go to the left or right down the ramp far enough you can get under the stream then walk back up the ramp – do that a second time and you’ll find Han encased in amber just opposite Chen Stormstout.

Where is the Motherseed Pit in Rikkitun Village? This one drove me mad for a few minutes – it’s actually just down the hill from where you pick up the quest. Head downhill toward the water and you’ll see a bunch of the seeds where you drop it off.