Funniest Guild Wars 2 Review?

Back in February we posted a rather funny review of SWTOR from Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, and he’s backed up with another cracker review, this time for Guild Wars 2.

If you like cutting sarcasm then waste no more time, watch this:


What I like most about the review, aside from the gold humour, is that fact that it’s overall pretty accurate – do you agree?

[Via Guild Wars 2 Gamers of Oceania Facebook Group]


  1. The Guilty Party says

    Eh. Hilarious sarcastic takedowns of popular things can serve as a valuable antidote to all the hype, but I’d rather people have intelligent discussions on the merits or lack thereof of a game. It’s hard to do that when halfwits just parrot whatever reasonably clever jokes they saw in some online review.

    • That’s very true – but I think this is as much a broad satirical take than a straight takedown. Or – he hates all MMos equally is another perception I have 😉