The Secret World 1.1 Patch Notes

Here they are in full for you – lots of bug fixes a lot of people have been waiting for!

Update 1.1 – Hotfix – August 3rd

  • Fixed an issue that caused custom chat tabs to stop updating and show no new messages after zoning to another playfield
  • Corrected an issue that players sometimes couldn’t correctly subscribe to certain chat channels



“Issue #1: Unleashed” Game Update 1.1 – July 31st



Seven brand new missions, two new Nightmare Mode dungeons and the Marketplace are now all available as part of The Secret World Issue #1: Unleashed.

Please click here for more information about the new missions in Issue #1.

(Psst, complete all the new missions for a new achievement and unique clothing rewards!)


Top changes

The Marketplace

The Marketplace is now available in London!

  • All tradable items can be listed and searched for via the search options in the Marketplace UI. This UI is accessible via the bank NPCs in London
  • Only items from your personal storage can be listed and they will occupy a slot in the bank until they are sold
  • Listings show up from all players on all dimensions
  • All items are listed for 7 days after which point they time out
  • All listings have a 10% up front cost based on the listing price. This cost is refunded if the item sells
  • All successful sales are subject to a 5% broker fee upon sale



  • The ‘/say’ and ‘/shout’ chat commands now work properly
  • Improved animations when interacting with objects
  • It is now impossible for players to make their characters nude
  • When using the ‘high’ graphics settings, screen will no longer become blurry in some areas
  • The website will not crash the in-game browser
  • Filth Rain does not follow players to other zones
  • Players can no longer attach character-bound items to mail
  • Changing eye colour now works properly for all heads in character creation
  • Certain heals will no longer generate hate on friendly targets
  • Players will not be able to consume the Elixir of Life when already at full health
  • Certain monsters, such as the Royal Sadists, will not attack the player when dead



  • Introducing two new Nightmare Mode dungeons: The Ankh and Hell Fallen. These dungeons are built to be extremely challenging, and the enemies and encounters in these dungeons will test your build-making, gear, group composition and combat skills to the limit
  • Dungeon bosses and mini-bosses now only drop one loot bag
  • The Ankh: Akhenaten, the Black Pharaoh, is now immune to crowd control effects and will no longer despawn, then respawn with full health



  • The anima full-screen effect will no longer persist if the player has entered a PvP Battlefield
  • Players can no longer enter PvP Battlefields while in Anima form. They will be resurrected upon entry



  • Trying to split a stack when the player inventory is full will no longer cause that slot to malfunction
  • Mission decals will not disappear when a player teleports out of a zone



  • Hammer: The “Smash” ability will now always have an animation




  • Seven brand new missions are now available to all players as part of our first free monthly content update, “Issue #1: Unleashed”
  • Crafting items for a mission should now fulfil the goals of that mission
  • Into Darkness will no longer shut players of any faction out of the instance for any reason if they have not yet completed the mission


Solomon Island



  • That’ll Leave a Mark: The trapped survivor should now spawn at the trap only if he has been killed or the mission has been completed


The Savage Coast

  • Another Bug Hunt – Tier 2: Players can now turn in their dog tags to Sarge when in the appropriate area
  • The Black House: Carrie Killian’s ashes should now reappear correctly
  • Crustacean Curse – Tier 2: Mission will now award XP as intended
  • Winter’s Legacy: Jacob Smythe will now spawn as intended
  • Taking the Purple – Tier 2: Players can now spawn the ambushers if another player fails this mission


Blue Mountain

  • Off the Menu – Tier 2: This mission should no longer reset after a player had added the sedative to the meat
  • The Haunting – Tier 3: The Delapores now respawn if players leave using their Agartha Conduit and zone back into the instance
  • Dawning of an Endless Night: Players can no longer get stuck in the Dreaming Prison
  • Dawning of an Endless Night: Players who have exited the dream before completion will now have a marker directing them back to the Dreaming Prison
  • Dawning of an Endless Night – Tier 5: Joe Slater cinematic should now play properly in all situations




Scorched Desert

  • The Big Terrible Picture – Tier 3: Prisms should now work properly
  • King of the Hill: Vortex Grenades, Fragmentation Grenades, and Landmines will now only work in the appropriate area
  • The Last Legion – Tier 3: Monsters should no longer disappear during cinematic and Legion should spawn correctly
  • The Last Legion – Tier 3: Killing Legatus Aulus should now reward credit for players who are on the same step


City of the Sun God

  • The Eye of Horus: Keeper Garran and Keeper Sh’ar now spawn as intended
  • The Eye of Horus: Pausing this mission will no longer cause the Eye of Horus to disappear from players’ inventories
  • The Way of Things: Tiers 2, 3, and 4 have been made more multiplayer friendly with multiple improvements
  • Black Sun, Red Sand – Tier 9: Akhenaten, the Black Pharaoh will no longer despawn, allowing the mission to be completed
  • Halls of Lost Records – Tier 6: Activating the defense mechanism will update the mission for all players present in the room
  • Foundations – Tier 3: Examining the tablet now updates the mission properly




The Besieged Farmlands

  • The Cost of Magic – Tier 5: Ritual can be completed as intended


The Carpathian Fangs

  • The Castle: This mission is now repeatable
  • Exit Strategy – Tier 4 : The Orochi communications terminal now works as intended


The Shadowy Forest

  • Mortal Sins – Tier 10: Only one player at a time can now interact with the water of life puzzle letters
  • Mortal Sins – Tier 20: Players can now re-enter the tomb if needed
  • Last Dance of the Padurii – Tier 4: Pausing this mission will no longer cause the Humming Music Box to disappear from players’ inventories
  • The Draculesti – Tier 4: Once all of the explosive spots are full, players who placed explosives get credit for this mission
  • Fatal Framing: This mission will now reward XP as intended
  • Who Comes and Who Goes: Goal text will now correctly ask the player to “Find the Abandoned Tunnel”